Districts and Schools

Rocklin Unified School District

2615 Sierra Meadows Drive  Rocklin, CA  95677
Phone:  (916) 624-2428  Fax:

Antelope Creek Elementary School
Breen Elementary School
Cobblestone Elementary School
Granite Oaks Middle School
Maria Montessori
Parker Whitney Elementary School
Rock Creek Elementary School (Rocklin)
Rocklin Academy
Rocklin Adult School
Rocklin Alternative Education Center
Rocklin Elementary School
Rocklin High School
Rocklin Independent School
Ruhkala Elementary School
Sierra Elementary School
Spring View Middle School
Sunset Ranch Elementary School
Twin Oaks Elementary School
Valley View Elementary School
Victory High School
Whitney High School

Board of Trustees
Daley, Greg Term Expires: 2016
Halldin, Susan Term Expires: 2018
Lang, Wendy Term Expires: 2018
Lowell, Todd President Term Expires: 2018
Maben, Camille Clerk Term Expires: 2016
Stock, Roger Superintendent 916-630-2230
Flowers, Martin Director,Secondary Programs&School Leadership 916-630-3311
Forrest, Tammy Director, Special Education/Support Programs 916-630-2232
Fury, Mike Chief Technical Officer 916-630-3197
Huffines, Karen Director,ElementaryPrograms&School Leadership 916-630-3191
Patterson, Barbara Deputy Superintendent, Business Services 916-630-2234
Rouse, Craig Senior Director, Facilities & Operations 916-630-2246
Slattery, Colleen Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources 916-630-2240
Director, Personnel Services
Murphy, Matt Director, Personnel Services 916-630-2240
Information Technology
Baker, Glenn Systems Engineer 916-630-3196
Bowen, Keith Computer Maintenance Technician 916-630-3199
Bradley, Steve Systems Engineer 916-630-3193
Davis, Peter Computer Maintenance 916-630-3198
Lee, Leonard Network Coordinator, Whitney High 916-630-3199
Moore, Dean Network Coordinator, Rocklin High 916-630-3199
Risney, Christine Help Support Desk 916-630-3199
Sarotic-Ronneburg, Merima Systems Engineer 916-630-3315
Stapenhorst, Ted Database Specialist 916-630-3194
Wilson, Tammy Computer Maintenance Technician 916-630-3199
Nutrition Services
Fahnestock, Juanita Director, Nutrition Services 916-624-1112 Ext. 2
Leavens, Gale Nutrition Services Operation Manager 916-624-1112 Ext. 3
Stonehill, Cynthia Secretary - Nutrition Services 916-624-1112 Ext. 1
Special Education
Evans, Jeanine Administrative Assistant II - Special Ed 916-630-2232
Inglis, Sandra (Ann) Admin. Asst. 1, Sp. Ed./Student Svc. Prog. 916-630-2231
Lauritzen, Bryce Program Specialist II, Special Education 916-630-3308
Locketz, Melissa Health Services Supervisor 916-630-3311
Royer, Kristina Program Specialist II 916-630-3313
Teacher on Special Assignment
Auwae, Kari Secondary Teacher on Special Assignment 916-672-3606
Bray, Kaili Elementary Teacher on Special Assignment 916-672-3604
Kikosicki, Lara Elementary Teacher on Special Assignment 916-672-3605
McLean, Joe Secondary Teacher on Special Assignment 916-672-3607
O'Donnell, Ryan Technology - Teacher on Special Assignment 916-624-2428
Gallman, Stacy Clerk 916-624-9106 Ext. 7400
Matthews, Gina Routing Technician/Utility Bus Driver 916-624-9106
Sanchez, Matthew Director of Transportation 916-624-9106
Sullivan, Karen Transportation Routing Technician/Utility Dri 916-624-9106
Business Services
Arensman, Sue Accountant 916-630-2238
Bailey, Mary Payroll Technician II 916-630-2244
Duggan, Wendy Accountant 916-630-3189
Edgerton, Toni Accountant 916-630-2245
Fett, Janice Manager, Accounting 916-630-3309
Harris, Sarah Payroll Technician II 916-630-2242
Noonan, Diane Administrative Assistant III 916-630-2234
Richards, Cheri Business Technician I 916-630-3186
Rockway, Liz Payroll Technician II 916-630-2233
Romero, Darlene Technician II 916-630-2237
Educational Services
Crutchfield, Leann Administrative Assistant I 916-630-3306
Eidsath, Tracey Data, Assessment and Evaluation Specialist 916-630-2281
Konsesky, Jodi Administrative Assistant I - Ed Svcs 916-630-3318
Leettola, Mary Admin. Assist. II, Elementary Programs 916-630-3187
Momet, Leta Administrative Assistant III 916-630-2227
Soares, Sarah Program Specialist I ELD 916-630-3314
White, Jordan Coordinator State & Federal Programs 916-630-3307
Facilities & Maintenance
Pruett, Bill Facilities, Energy Ed 916-630-3195
Taylor, Linda Admin. Asst. III, Facilities & Operations 916-630-3188
Human Resources
Almas, Lori Certificated Personnel Analyst 916-630-2241
Brush, Judy Adminstrative Assistant III 916-630-2240
Collins, Erin Personnel Analyst 916-630-2243
McAlexander, Janet Human Resources Technician I 916-632-2156
McCue, Alane Clerk/File Data Clerk 916-630-3310
Maintenance and Operations
Benthin, Gilbert Assistant Director, Facilities & Maintenance 916-624-5771
Caballero, Renee Grounds Supervisor 916-624-5771
Edwards, Linda Secretary - Maintenance and Operations 916-624-5771 Ext. 7002
Gordon, Jim Supervisor, Custodial 916-624-5771
Superintendent's Office
Arnest, Lilia Clerk 916-630-3185
Meadows, Brenda Executive Assistant to the Superintendent 916-630-2230
Velasquez, Stacy District Office Receptionist/Clerk 916-624-2428